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As the princess of the ninja clan Kasumi from “Dead or Alive” has a variety of combat moves. But what about fucking moves? The answerto that question is pretty similar, but she’s in need of the right partner. Someone who is strong and large… and with a lot of tentacles! This is a parody comic about Hentai. It’s not difficult to get this!

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Inniku Koushin

Sakura is always in a state of masturbation and lets the liquid run down her underwear from the pink and wet cave. Sakura imagines getting fucked by a young stallion, who will fill her vagina with lots of warm and sticky cum. She is prone to masturbating until cum pops out of her. Then she lies down in her bed , content by her life. Don’t waste time and get started reading this comic right now.

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[Nala1588] Heat (Dragon Ball Z)

This is all contained in this vibrant comics

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[Comics Toons] A Fresh Assistant (The Simpsons)

Homer is on a spaceship when he meets a gorgeous busty girl. Homer is insatiable for sexual sex. The woman does not hesitate to undress and show Homer her athletic physique. The beauty then sits on her knees and then suckers up a big dick. Homer then decides to engage in sex with a woman who is a bit bustier. He demonstrated what real sex looks like. Therefore, don't waste time and begin watching this comic now.

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Soul Calbiur – Tides Of Switch

To get the Trident of Truth, a bust of Amazon went into an ancient temple. She didn't know it was a cursed item. She must now protect her beloved the King from his fateful fate. The fate of the king is not kind towards the Amazons. Amazonia is the most powerful of all, is defeated by a goddess who is a rival in the battle. And now she must find the trident that may have been lost in battle. It is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Goddess of Destruction. She will need the help from her closest friends, and the only way for her to get them is through the secret city of the goddess herself.

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Dead or Alive X Survivor

Zack the black guy, wasn’t ready to face the heat provided by some of the sexy ladies at the “Dead or Alive” competition at the beach. However, let’s face it that he’s going to take on all that happens with his boneer with allof his courage! Even though sometimes it may appear more funny than sexy! Are you ready for something like that?

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Berry Strawberry

Are you into skinny asian chicks? You will surely understand Ichigo Kurosaki and his burning desire to get a fuck Rukia Kuchiki as soon as possible! And since this is a parody of hentai comics the chance of performing his kinky plan will appear in the near future… It is, highly recommended to anyone who believes it's sexually attractive to wear a dress while having sex for the longest time possible!

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REI-Slave to The Grind 01

Ayane and Hitomi’severyday lives are filled with thrilling and exhausting moments, even without participating in fighting tournaments. The action is now transferred from fight arenas into bedrooms… or anyplace else where the horny guys beg them to get them to fuck them!

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We didnt have fun Volleyball

Being a sexy looking chick with huge round tits and an ideal ass is not so simple and Hitomi is aware of this through her own experiences because regardless of what she’s doing currently – whether it’s taking photos and playing beach volleyball or relaxing in her hotel room, it always endsup having her fucked! It’s even possible that getting pregnant will change this situation!

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Two hot looking undressed and hot chicks are spotted in a center of a crowd. It sounds like a good idea for a an hentai-themed parody, don’t you think? This is exactly what this comics will be about. And these two ladies who will be sexually abused and fucked by a group of drunks today are none other than Helena Douglas and Momiji from the world-renowned videogame show “Dead or Alive”!

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