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Inniku Koushin

Sakura is always in a state of masturbation and lets the liquid run down her underwear from the pink and wet cave. Sakura imagines getting fucked by a young stallion, who will fill her vagina with lots of warm and sticky cum. She is prone to masturbating until cum pops out of her. Then she lies down in her bed , content by her life. Don’t waste time and get started reading this comic right now.

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Hana 7

A bunch of great fighters have come together, but this time it will not be a martial arts competition This time, it will be a hentai-themed parody of comics! The ladies invited will be able to meet famous people like Chun Li and Sakura from “Street Fighetr” and Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy”! Don’t be worried about the guys, some of these ladies are futanari!

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